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High Dry Powder in PE and VC is a $1.2 Trillion Challenge

At venture capital and private equity firms, 'dry powder' is cash that's been committed by investors but is yet to be 'called' by investment managers in order to be allocated to a specific investment.

One GP's "dry powder" can quickly become an LP's "missed opportunity". While dry powder represents possibility, it also signifies pressure.

Limited Partners (LPs) expect their investments to be committed in a timely manner.

General Partners (GPs) face the pressure of meeting their LPs’ timing expectations while still performing ample due diligence on all investments.

Tools that accelerate and de-risk investment decision-making

IPOXCap helps investment managers commit third-party capital in a timely manner by providing them access to cross-border and cross-industry market analysis, without exhausting their time and resources on research.

IPOXCap is built for both emerging and established managers, so no matter how mature a firm is — whether it's just getting started or has over $1B in committed capital – IPOXCap has a solution to help support decision-making throughout the 3 stages of the cross-border investment life cycle.

Country Analytics

Influenced by economic data, sovereign ratings, swot analysis', pestle analysis' and private market transaction data.

Industry Analytics

Influenced by private market transaction data to generate IFRS13 level 2 inputs and market activity and performance based metrics.

Performance Matrix

Influenced by country and industry private market performance for application on valuations and financial projections.

Company Analytics

Influenced by country metrics and industry metrics for risk adjusted valuations and financial projections, given and comparable.

Return on Investment for an IPOXCap AI-Powered Portfolio

IPOXCap ran the following hypothesis test:

Returns on investments with stronger net positive tone are statistically greater that the returns on investments with weaker net positive tone.

Different assets were split into quantiles according to their net positive tones (NTP), with quantile 1 being the lowest NPT rank and quantile 5 being the highest NPT rank. The outcome, as demonstrated by the graph, showed that the hypothesis holds.

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Applicable throughout the 3 stages of cross-border and cross-industry investment cyle making it an end-to-end solution.

Custom Integration

Investment teams can integrate solutions into their existing applications and spreadsheets without worrying about migration.

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  • Country metrics
  • Industry metrics
  • Performance matrix
  • Company analytics
  • Investment robotics
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  • Country metrics
  • Industry metrics
  • Performance matrix
  • Company analytics
  • Investment robotics
  • API access
  • Export metrics & analytics to XLSX, CSV & PDF.
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IPOXCap provides data-driven metrics, analytics and robotics that accelerate and de-risk cross-border and cross-industry investment decision-making.

Data Analysis

We evaluate measurable and verifiable data from leading data providers on countries and industries to use as inputs for metrics used in company analysis.

Sentiment Analysis

We use natural language processing and text analysis to analyse reports on countries and industries to turn them into quantitative insights.

Pattern Recognition

Our machines study startup and finance reports to recognize patterns that lead to performance in specific countries and industries.


We provide a robo-analyst that leverages IPOXCap metrics to predict future investment performance and to provide guidance on decisions.

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Reduced Inequalies

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